I can not believe it ! Over 3000 app installations

Moin Moin from Hamburg,

from time to time I look into the numbers of the Appstores and this time I almost fell off my chair again. Meanwhile, over 3000 people use the WorkWatch2 app for their time tracking. You are crazy! πŸ™‚

That makes me proud and happy to the same and I thank you very much for your interest!

Many are already waiting eagerly for the next update, which, as you may have noticed, takes a little longer than the updates to before.

This has to do with the fact that my left hand made involuntary acquaintance with a glass and I therefore had to work for one time with one hand … “The nightmare of every developer I’ll tell you”, the other reason is much more decisive:

Due to the many e-mails about wishes and feedback, I have been looking for a way to connect a cloud, without having to break my privacy principles.

After many attempts and ideas, I have now found the perfect way.

In short

You will be able to register within the WorkWatch2 app, but do not do this with your email address but with a user key (UserID) and password. By doing this, I can guarantee that no one but yourself can match the data on the WorkWatch2 server. Because, your user key or the UserID know only YOU and only YOU have these conclusions visible within your app.

Any data you sync to the WorkWatch2 server will only be linked to your user key. Thus, it is not possible to connect to you, as usual for all apps / websites with your e-mail address.

Anonymity = 100% and that’s exactly how it is! Good or?

In the next (coming soon) update, this registration is already implemented and the first online feature moves into the app. This feature is called Chef Mode and gives you or your boss the ability to link WorkWatch2 apps together. More information will follow as soon as the update is available for you.

Up to the second function, it is then not all that far anymore, namely the editing of your data via an Internet browser on a PC or Mac. Many of you have wished for this feature and of course I will follow this wish as soon as possible.

Following are many more features that I can and want to provide you with the new connection to the WorkWatch2 server. Be curious what else is coming πŸ™‚


WorkWatch2 will continue to work as usual without the WorkWatch2 server attached.

You know my attitude to the cloud and privacy. Privacy will always be the most important issue for me and I will not force you to register! Everyone else likes to do that, mine is not!

I leave you alone the decision whether you want to use online features or not. If not, you can still use your WorkWatch2 app the way you are used to. If so, then you have additional online features available that I would not have been able to implement without the connection to the WorkWatch2 server (as much as I would have liked to do that – believe me).

What else awaits you with the next update?

The desired Dark mode will feed into WorkWatch2. This one is finished a bit longer, but since I want to publish the online connection with, this update takes a little longer.
Annual statistics can optionally be fully displayed if you already want to create jobs in the future
If you create new jobs manually instead of tracking time, you’ll get a new minutes input field, so you do not have to convert everything to hours.
There are many more small embellishments and things that I let you discover yourself. Surprises are always the best πŸ™‚

Be curious about the next update and for questions, wishes, or bug reports I am as always happy for you by e-mail to info@workwatch2.com reachable.

Thanks again for your support and interest in the WorkWatch2 app and continue to have fun and success in your job!

best wishes from Hamburg

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