WOW! 1000 app installations in 24h

Wow I fall off the chair! I am very happy that so many of you have downloaded my app and the interest in it is so great! A new update with your first converted wishes is almost done. Further information will follow 🙂

With many of you requesting new features and offering to buy in-app purchases, I’d like to emphasize once again that I think it’s great that you want to pay tribute to the work behind the WorkWatch2 development, but as promised, I will not integrate in-app purchases, subscriptions, or advertising into the app. Once loaded, you will receive all new features for free via update. If you still want to support me, then you can send me a small donation for a coffee (or rather tea) via Paypal.

Paypal Link:

Thank you – you are awesome!

Best wishes from Hamburg

[appbox appstore screenshots 1458829625]

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