WorkWatch2 Update 2.3

iPhone v. 2.3 Release

Hi it´s me again 🙂

I’m still overwhelmed by the many downloads and great reviews here on the App Store! It’s really nice to see that the idea to develop the WorkWatch2 app for you not only makes it easier for me, but for your daily working life. This is so amazing!

From plumbers to IT project managers, developers and graphic designers to stylists and even doctors, the WorkWatch2 app appears to be used in many industries and has been downloaded over 1500 times. What can I say – This is just WOW – Thank


Soon, the next big update is on and you can be curious, what awaits you everything.

I would like to put this update quickly in between, because in the last 24 hours I checked and rebuilt the database structure like a madman. You can now look forward to an even faster database and a new menu in the client detail view and a new client data area has also been added.

Where the export button was before is now the new navigation button on which you reach the areas export, client data and settings. In the new customer data area, you can now also choose a customer address in addition to a contact, e-mail and telephone number of your client. Before you ask me why I did not just add another input field for your clients address, simply because it looks a lot cooler with the map ^^

The whole thing has of course another reason, in this case a technical one, because that’s the first step, the soon to be available for you GEO location tracking feature. What that means? I will not tell you – Or maybe ok because its you i will tell you why – You can soon activate the “Auto-Time-Tracking“ in the settings. As soon as you get in touch with the client, WorkWatch2 launches and starts tracking automatically. Sounds good? I also like to see when I’m done with it, I’m telling you a rather complicated matter, but you grow with the tasks, I’ve heard 😉

Enough bla bla – Start the update and as I said in case of problems, wishes or questions just send me an email to I will try to answer you on the same day, which so far also works well. Just a little tip, follow WorkWatch2 on Facebook at to keep you up to date on what’s coming and what’s planned.

If you are happy with the WorkWatch2 app then please leave me a rating in the app store – I am happy about any feedback!

Until then, have fun with the WorkWatch2 app and a lot of success in your job!

Best wishes from Hamburg

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