WorkWatch2 Update 2.4

iPhone v. 2.4 release

A hearty Moin Moin from Hamburg,

it’s time to fulfill a few of your wishes πŸ™‚

Thank you for your numerous feedback & wish emails. I’m still overwhelmed that you like the WorkWatch2 app so much and make your work easier in a variety of industries! Awesome!

…::: What’s new :::…

β€’ One of the key features is done and fed into the app. You now have the opportunity to create a full backup of your data. The idea of ​​an automatic iCloud upload is rejected because of data protection, since top priority. You can create a backup via the new menu in your customer overview (top left) and download or send by mail.

When restoring your data, you can either use a previously downloaded backup or the backup that was saved on your iPhone during your most recent backup. Remember, deleting the app will erase all data and backups. So important, always download your backup.

β€’ In your clients view you can now find the number of projects & jobs. Many thanks to Maik for your wish. Also the total receipts and the outstanding amounts. Many thanks to Steve for this wish.

β€’ In the new menu in your clients view (top left), additional areas have been added in addition to the backup function.

1. News – Here you will always find the latest information about the WorkWatch2 App

2. Help – here you can send me an e-mail if you have any wishes or problems

3. App Settings

4. Support

App settings area

Jan and Steffi wanted to change the color of the WorkWatch2 app elements. Instead of giving you only 5 colors to choose from, I’ve got a cut out and so you can choose from 96 different colors your favorite color. Thank you for this wish.

support area

As you know, I will not integrate in-app purchases for new features. The time tracking is and remains free. Since so many of you wrote that they would like to make an in-app purchase, but I do not want that, I have now incorporated this area. If you like the WorkWatch2 app and you want to support me & the development then you can do a voluntary in-app purchase. Of course, I am happy about any support! THANKS A LOT!

β€’ Detailed statistics. So far, you could only see the total revenue of a month in the statistics. The first extension follows now. From now on, you can click on a statistics bar to get more information about this month. (Total number of jobs, total hours worked, total income and outstanding amounts). In addition, your clients will be listed by revenue staggered. Many thanks to the_flak for your wishes.

β€’ Anna has requested that the time recording can be started directly from the client overview. Wish fulfilled. You will now find a clock icon next to each client. A click on it opens the time tracking.

β€’ I once again completely overhauled the time tracking via iPhone. You can now switch to other app sections during the time tracking process and pause your time tracking. If the app is closed, the time tracking now continues. Thanks to Matthias for this important tip and to Tim for this wish.

β€’ Working hours are now displayed in 24h format. Thank you Dennis for your wish.

β€’ In the project selection view of a job, you can now create a new project directly. Many thanks to Peter for your wish.

β€’ And of course – less mistakes! I do not want to say that there were any mistakes before. But there is definitely less of it πŸ™‚

If you have any requests or questions about the WorkWatch2 app, then I am happy to reach you by email to I’m looking forward to your feedback!

Best regards

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